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Ekofires 5530 Flueless Inset Gas Fire

From 749.00799.00

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 100% Efficient
  • Min Room Size 27m³
  • Nat Gas & LPG Models
  • Designed to fit a standard fireplace opening
  • 1.3 – 2.3 KW Output
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If you’re looking for a fire which is both efficient and stylish, Gasworks have just the thing! The Eko 5530 is a flueless gas fire sporting efficiency, style and innovative technology. With this Eko 5530, you will have the best gas fire in town!

Brought to you by Eko Fires, this fire is one of a kind when it comes to its sophisticated style.  Its crisp, trim lines create a modern statement to suit any home. A portrait silver fascia frame and seamless panels accentuate the flames to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation. This Eko 5530 will be sure to create a striking centre piece in your home.

This Eko 5530 is controlled using a rotating knob. This gives you variable adjustment to the flame picture. The knob is cleverly placed at the bottom of the frame, without disturbing the beauty of this fire.

If you thought that this Eko 5530 couldn’t get any better, its also unbeatable when it comes to its efficiency. With a 100% efficiency rate, this gas fire is outstanding! Especially when this is compared to the 10% efficiency rate of standard coal fires. Remember, the more efficient the fire, the cheaper it is to run. From just as little as 4.9p per hour, this gas fire can produce up to 2.3kW of heat! And, because this fire is flueless, no heat is lost up a chimney! With adjustable low and high settings of 1.3kW or 2.3kW you can be sure that this Eko 5530 will keep you warm and toasty!

This Eko 5530 also boasts some of the most innovative technology available, such as the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter converts the harmful gas of carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour. The levels of carbon dioxide and water vapour produced are the same present in regular fresh air. This technology also helps to neutralise harmful particles, odours and allergens. Overall, this clever technology ensures both a safe and clean environment for you and your family.

The catalytic converter is just one of the many features that ensures the safeness of the Eko 5530. Other safety features include an oxygen depletion sensor, a flame failure device and a physical glass front. The above factors ensure that you can sit back, relax and be assured that Gasworks have got you covered!

 To make sure that this gas fire is as safe and efficient as it can be, it does have some specifications. For example, this fire is designed for a room of a minimum of 27m3 with the dimensions of W555 x H605 x D100. For safety reasons, an air vent of 100cm2 is required. This fire also requires an accessible gas supply. This gas fire is also required to be installed by a RGI Registered engineer.

 At Gasworks, we take pride in our guarantees. So, you can guarantee that nothing will go wrong, and if it does – Gasworks has got you covered. The Eko 5530 comes with a warranty of 3 years and is valid from your date of purchase.

 So, for a fire which is stylish, efficient, clever and reliable, the Eko 5530 is fit for the job. With innovative technology and stylish trim frame, you’ll have a fire which your guests will love! To get the most out of the Eko 5530 with an exclusive warranty and a Gas Safe install – contact Gasworks!


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Minimum Room Size: 27m3

Fire Type: Flueless inset PI27G

Efficiency: 100%

Control Type/ Location: Manually controlled through a rotating knob featured at the bottom of the frame.

Heat Input Max/Min: 2.3kW/1.3kW

Heat Output Max/Min: 2.3kW/1.3kW

Outline Dimensions: W555 x H605 x D100

Installation: Inset- Fireplace

Air Vent Required: 100cm2


Oxygen depletion sensor,

Flame failure device,

Glass front,

Catalytic converter.

The Ekofires 5530 flueless inset gas fire will be delivered by a selected courier,  we will contact you by phone to organise a delivery time and date that suits you. Currently the estimated delivery times for the Ekofires 5530 gas fire is approx 3 - 7 working days. However this is dependant on current stock levels in our distribution centre.

Installation must be carried out by a registered gas installer, if you require installation, we are more than happy to accommodate you. Please Call 014433005 to speak to one of technical advisers who will arrange a free site survey and  fixed price quotation.