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Water Tanks

Almost every home or property in Ireland has some form of a cold water tank, the purpose of a cold water storage tank is to supply your home or business with the correct amount of water required for use in showering bathing and general usage. In Ireland the majority of plumbing systems in a domestic setting are what we call a gravity plumbing system. In a gravity hot and cold water system the cold water tank is usually situated in the attic or loft space. This ensures the maximum height attainable is achieved, resulting in a better performing and higher pressure plumbing system. The Higher the water tank in regard to the highest outlet the higher the pressure. For every 1 meter in Height we can expect a pressure of .1 bar, so to attain 1 bar pressure at a water outlet the water tank would need to be 10 meters higher. For example if the bottom of the cold water storage tank is 3 meters from the highest shower head you can expect an operating pressure of .3 bar at the shower head.

If your home has a pressurised hot and cold water system the location of your water tank will be more flexible. In a pressurised plumbing system the cold water storage tank serves a pump, the pump then distributes the water throughout the buildings plumbing system.

Why Replace Your Cold Water Tank?

Galvanised Steel water storage tank

I your home is over 30 years old you may have a galvanised steel water tank serving your property. Over time the constant ingress of fresh cold water will cause the steel to corrode. This creates a huge flood risk to your property and appropriate action should be taken. Gasworks can arrange for your existing tank to be replaced with a suitable modern tank complete with a suitable lid.


Buckled/Out of shape Water Tank

Poor installation practices can create a structurally unsound water storage tank. The number 1 cause of an out of shape water storage tank is improper support. It is imperative that your water tank is placed on a suitable base, one which supports the entire tank. Careful consideration must be given to the load bearing capacity of the tank support, it is recommended that it be placed above a load bearing wall. If this is not possible the tank support must be constructed in such a way that the entire weight is evenly distributed across a suitable span in the loft space.

Insufficient Water Storage Capacity

If you have added an additional bathroom or shower room to your property, the current water tank serving you property may not be of a sufficient size. This is particularly true if you encounter air locks or an interruption is supply within your plumbing system.


Poor Mains Water Pressure

Poor incoming mains pressure may have an impact on the filling time of your water storage tank. The flow rate of the incoming water may be so low that it is unable to adequately fill your water tank. This is particularly noticeable when the demand for water is at its highest within the property.

How much will it cost to replace my water tank?

If you have decided that your water tank is in need of replacement you can book a free site survey from one of our plumbing experts. Due to installation variants it is not possible to facilitate a fixed price quotation without a survey taking place. During you free site survey the current tank condition, location and the required water storage capacity will be assessed. On completion of the site survey you will receive a fixed price quotation for the associated works. An installation date and time can then be agreed. We only use the highest quality tanks, fittings and associated components. This ensures an excellent installation standard.

How long will it take to replace my cold water storage tank?

 The direct replacement of your current water tank with a new high quality plastic tank will usually take 3-4 hours. Although it may take longer depending on the associated works involved. These include current tank location, size, support and accessibility.

What’s involved in replacing my cold water storage tank?

The Gasworks team will arrive at the agreed time and date, upon arrival the team leader will introduce themselves and team members to you. They will access the proposed works, once they are satisfied they will get started.

The incoming mains water feeding your current tank will be shut off, this may mean you will be without mains water for a period of time. Once the incoming water mains has been isolated the water in your old water tank will be drained. This is done by simply turning on the water points served by the tank

Once the old water tank is drained of its water content it can be safely removed to allow for the installation of your new cold water storage tank.

The support for your new water tank is then prepared. The support for your new tank is constructed in such a way as to ensure the supporting timber/steel work is not over loaded.

The new water tank is moved into place and all associated piping is connected. The correct connection location of piping is highly important to prevent stagnation of the water within the tank.

With all piping correctly connected the incoming mains supply can be turned on. The tank is carefully observed during the filling process, this ensures a rapid response to potential leaks. The ball valve will also be set during the filling stage and its operation cross checked.

With the tank full the water can now be reintroduced into the plumbing system. Each water draw off point is opened to ensure it is receiving a full supply of water free from air locks and debris.

The Water Tank is now fitted with the correct lid, this ensures unwanted dust insects and rodents don’t find their way into your stored water.

Finally your new water tank is insulated in a purpose provided insulation.

Types of Water Tanks

Cold water Loft Tanks

Modern cold water loft tanks are made from a high quality durable polyethylene plastic. This high quality plastic moulding results in a long product life. Cold water loft tanks are the most popular type of tank installed in Ireland. They are ideally suited to gravity fed plumbing arrangements.


Potable Water Tanks

Potable water tanks are used for the safe storage of drinking water. These tanks are more common in buildings that have a large demand for mains delivered drinking water such as an apartment complex.


GRP ( Reinforced Plastic ) Water Tanks

GRP Water tanks are usually found in commercial and industrial properties. These water tanks are purpose built to meet the intended property’s water demands. GRP water tanks are usually supplied in sections which will require on site assembly.