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Stoves are not only an excellent alternative form of heat energy, but are so beautifully designed they can often become the focal point of a room while also forming part of the furniture in your home. A high quality cast iron wood burning or multi-fuel will achieve efficiency rates of up to 82%. When compared to the traditional open fire the energy savings are exceptional, being more than three times more efficient. Making the choice of a stove over an open fire a no brainer. There is also the safety aspect to take into consideration, with the enclosed, self-contained combustion chamber of a stove considerably safer and cleaner than an open fire.

The most important consideration when choosing a stove is which fuel source you intend to use, Coal, Wood, Briquettes or pellets. Do you have a steady supply and a suitable storage area? Bulk supply is really the only approach that makes financial sense. Purchasing your intended fuel in small quantities from the local garage will drive up your fuel bills. If you have a steady supply of timber you may want to consider the option of a wood burning stove over the multi-fuel option. Although restricting you to a single fuel source, you will benefit from greater efficiency levels.

There are two main stove types, boiler and no boiler. Non boiler stoves are effectively space heating appliances, sized accordingly for the room in which they are to be installed. This type of stove is more economical with a more straight forward installation. The boiler stove is an excellent way of supplementing an existing gas or oil heating system. The energy produced by the stove is distributed firstly to the domestic hot water and once satisfied it can then be directed to the required heating zone. The installation is a lot more intense when compared to the installation of non-boiler stoves as multiple piping and cabling will be required.

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