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Solar Panels

We Know Solar

If you are looking to invest in solar panels for your home or business you have come to the right place. Gasworks install and maintain just about every solar powered system you can think of from Photovoltaic, Thermodynamic and solar thermal systems. We offer a free no obligation design service, where one of expert design engineers can call to your property, discuss your proposal and design a solar system that meets both your needs and budget. From design to installation we have you covered.

 As expert accredited solar installers for many of the market leaders in solar energy we offer some of the best warranty’s available in Ireland.  Our range of solar systems are guaranteed to save you money. So whether you’re looking for solar panels to heat your hot water or power your property, we have the expertise, the personnel, the knowledge and the experience to ensure you get a high quality installation with unequalled support.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a source of energy provided by the sun. It is a free, environmentally friendly energy source that produces no pollution. By using solar energy you can reduce your energy bills as well as your carbon emissions. Every hour the sun transmits enormous amounts of energy to the earth’s surface, in fact the amount of energy transmitted in a single hour is more than the entire world uses in a year. This free solar energy provided by the sun called solar radiation.

Solar Energy in Ireland

Although Ireland is not a particularly sunny country, the solar radiation gains from the sun in Ireland is what you can expect in the northern France, Holland, Germany and Austria. On average Ireland receives as much as 60% of the solar energy you could expect at the equator. In fact the solar energy the UK and Ireland receive on an annual basis is equivalent to the output of 1,000 power stations. The Solar panels we use are specifically designed for the Irish climate further maximising the solar panels performance.