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Oil Boilers are usually found in homes or business that are not connected to the natural gas network. They are the most popular method of home heating in rural areas. There are 2 fuel types available for oil boilers, kerosene and gas oil with the most popular being kerosene. Kerosene is the only fuel available for use with both indoor oil boilers and condensing oil boilers. So if you are currently using gas oil as your fuel type and would like to upgrade your old oil boiler to an energy efficient model you will have to change your fuel type. Kerosene driven oil boilers also have a whole range of options available from wall hung to utility models and even combi Oil boilers. If you are unsure of which fuel type you currently use it should be located on your oil tank it can also be found on your fuel supply invoice. Alternatively you can check the fuel colour Kerosene is reddish in colour and gas oil is green. 

Replacing your current oil boiler to a high efficient condensing model is straight forward process that will potentially save you up to 30% per year on your annual fuel bill. A new oil boiler will not only improve the comfort of your home but also comes with increased reliability backed up by the gasworks extended 10 Year Warranty (T&C’s Apply). All of our expert installers are OFTEC accredited and registered and we guarantee a first class installation.

Condensing Oil Boilers

The latest “A” rated condensing Oil Boilers can be a very energy efficient way of meeting your energy requirements. According to manufacturers of the most modern oil boilers, net efficiencies of up to 97 per cent are attainable when installed and maintained as per manufactures instructions.

Condensing oil boilers differ somewhat from conventional oil boilers in that it has an additional heat exchanger, which serves to extract even more energy during combustion. It does this by preheating the cooler return water to the boiler. The removal of such a high amount of heat energy during combustion results in water vapour or condensation inside the boiler. This leads to a cooler flue gas temperature meaning a greater efficiency. The condensation created is removed via plastic piping to a suitable drain or soakaway, care should be taken to ensure the correct discharge of condense as it is slightly acidic.






Heating Controls For Oil Boilers

Unlike gas boilers, oil boilers do not modulate their Kilowatt output as the heating demands decrease during operation. Therefore it is essential for optimum efficiency that energy saving digital room statheating controls are installed.

Minimum Heating Controls Required 

  • 2 Zone 7 Day Electronic Programmer
  • Room Thermostat
  • Cylinder Thermostat
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves

When installed correctly these energy saving controls will give you time and temperature control over your heating system whilst also providing boiler interlock. Preventing boiler cycling when the required zone has reached the optimum temperature.

Why buy your Oil Boiler from us?

Warranty - 10 Year Warranty’s Available

New Design - We offer a quality bespoke design service.

Dedicated Sales Team - Our specialist sales team are on hand to discuss your requirements and offer a free no obligation quotation.

Customer support - Whatever your needs, we're here to help.

Affordable - The right quality at the right price.

Reliable - We only use products that have been tried and tested.

Quality - We believe in Quality and deliver the same.

Innovation - How we heat our homes today is forever changing, we embrace new technologies.

Fixed Price - Once you have received your Quote, the price won’t go up. Even if we run into any unexpected works.

Flexible Payment Options - We can arrange payment terms to suit you, speak to a member of our dedicated sales team for more information.


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Browse our range of high quality condensing oil boilers, from combi oil boilers to wall hung oil boilers we are sure to have a suitable boiler type for your home and needs. We only install market leading boilers this ensures unrivaled performance and excellent support. We are so confident in the quality of our installs we offer up to a 10 Year boiler warranty

Thinking Of Replacing your Oil Boiler to an “A” Rated Energy Efficient Model?get a quote

The first step in replacing your oil boiler is to contact us through the contact page or simply give us a call. Our team of expert heating assessors can talk you through the process of upgrading you oil boiler to an energy efficient model, any grants you may be entitled to and estimated costings. You can then arrange a suitable time and date for your free on professional site survey/heating survey, once the survey is complete fixed price quotation will be issued.

What’s Involved in a site survey?

During the site survey one of our heating experts will discuss in detail the proposed installation. Included in this discussion will be.

Grants and Incentives – Substantial savings can be made through the better energy homes scheme, any grants or incentives you may be entitled to will be discussed in detail.

Oil Boiler Size and Model – The property will be assessed and options regarding the oil boiler type, model and size best suits your property’s heating requirements will be made available to you.

Oil Boiler Location - The proposed location of your new energy efficient boiler will be assessed for suitability.

Boiler Flue arrangement - One of the most important items to be considered in relation to the proposed boiler location. The location of the flue terminal which must terminate to a suitable outside location is to be considered to ensure regulations are adhered to.

Oil Tank Condition/Location - The condition and location of your oil tank may have cost impacting implications on the installation.

Heating System Water Quality - The quality of your heating systems water content is overlooked, Poor water quality equals poor system performance, higher running costs, higher maintenance fees and a shorter lifetime.

Heating Controls - Having the correct heating controls in place can not only save you money but will also make your home a more comfortable environment.

Full Heating System Health Check - Our expert heating assessor will carry out a full detailed check of your current heating system checking the condition of radiators and valve sets. Recommendations will then be made to ensure you heating system operates safely and efficiently.

Hot Water Cylinder – Your hot water cylinder plays an important role in ensuring you have readily available hot water to meet your demand. The level of insulation on your cylinder is important to prevent your stored hot water cooling.

Additional Piping/Cabling Routes - If any additional piping/cabling is required (especially in the case of multi-zone heating) the routing of such services will be discussed in detail with you. Floor coverings may have to be removed to facilitate this.

Quotation – Once the heating survey has been carried out and both you and the engineer are satisfied a quotation for the proposed works will be given. The Quotation will include a full listing of agreed works, warranty’s, grants and work schedule. The Quotation will be valid for a period of no longer than 30 Days.

Booking Your Oil Boiler Replacement

Once you are satisfied with your fixed price quotation you can then arrange a suitable time and date for the works to commence. On completion of works you will receive a welcome pack, this will include installation reports, commissioning reports, user instructions, manuals and details of your warranty.

What’s involved in replacing my Oil Boiler?

The Gasworks oil boiler replacement team will arrive at an arranged time, on arrival the team leader will introduce themselves along with their colleagues. They will then confirm the works to be carried out. When you’re satisfied the works can begin. This ensures you are fully aware of both the system/boiler you are getting and what the installation entails.

After the introductions are over the Gasworks team will begin. They will then decommission your heating system and its components in preparation for the new condensing oil boiler. Once the system has been fully decommissioned your new install will begin. Once your new boiler is installed the system flush can begin, this is perhaps one of the most overlooked areas from a consumer point of view but its importance has to be noted. Once the desired water quality has been reached chemical inhibitor is added and the heating system, oil boiler and components can be commissioned. When the heating engineer is satisfied with the system commissioning, you will then be given an introduction to your new efficient heating system. From start to finish, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled workmanship and customer care.

Oil Boiler Types

The Types of oil boilers available is quite similar to the current range of gas boilers available, with the main difference being the fuel needed.

Heat Only/Regular Oil Boilers

Regular boilers are quite simply single boiler units, they do not incorporate a circulation pump, expansion vessel, safety valve or associated components. They are the most popular oil boiler on the market today and will efficiently cover both space heating and hot water requirements. A hot water storage tank/cylinder will be required with this boiler type. Regular oil boilers are particularly suited to open vent heating systems.

Combination Oil Boilers

Combination oil boilers are ideal for small property’s that have a low demand for hot water. They will provide heat for space heating requirements while also offering hot water on demand. Because this boiler type offers instantaneous hot water direct from the boiler there is no need for a hot water storage tank/cylinder. This offers a greater level of efficiency as you only pay for the water used. However the hot water flow rate can be quite slow, so this type of oil boiler is not suited to larger homes.

System Oil Boilers

System oil boilers come as purpose built unit housing the main components of a heating system. The circulation pump, expansion vessel, and safety valve are the 3 main components a system boiler will house. They offer a quicker install time along with a neater installation. They are ideal for both space heating and hot water requirements.

Replacing your existing Oil Boiler with us

By choosing to replace your current oil boiler with one of our “A” rated high efficiency models you are guaranteed to save on your heating bill whilst also improving reliability and safety.

Gasworks.ie are proud to offer a full 5-10 year warranty on every oil boiler installed by us. Further enhancing your confidence. Upgrading your old inefficient boiler to a new high efficient model typically takes 1-2 days. Depending on the water quality of the heating system. Poor water quality equals poor system efficiency. That’s why we carry out a water quality analysis before we undertake any installation. Gasworks are the experts when it comes to oil boilers, being accredited installers for many of the market leading manufacturers of Oil Boilers.

Oil Boiler Servicing and Safety Check

It is recommended that at a minimum you service your oil boiler one a year. This should only be carried out by a trained OFTEC registered engineer. This ensures that your boiler is operating safely and working to the manufactures specification. This not only prolongs the life of the boiler but also reduces your fuel bills.