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What is an immersion heater?

An immersion heater provides a means of heating water using an electrical element. The element which is immersed in water, heats the water much like a kettle does. In the majority of Irish homes, you will find the immersion is located at the top of the hot water cylinder, but can also be found on the side of the hot water cylinder. Immersion heaters will at minimum be controlled by a simple ON/OFF immersion switch, but timers and smart time controls are available if required. Immersions heaters can be used as a backup to gas or oil, or as the primary source of hot water. Although the latter might prove costlier.

Single element immersion

Single Element

A single element immersion has only one heating element, it can be either top or side connected and is commonly controlled by a single switch. Because these immersions are single element, the ability to a smaller volume of water is not available

Dual Element

A Dual element immersion has 2 elements one short and one long, each element will be controlled by a double Bath/Sink immersion switch. The sink option gives user the ability to heat a smaller volume of water when required

Twin Immersions

Twin immersions are most often side entry with both top and bottom placement. These immersion are usually found on unvented cylinders and in homes and apartments that use electrical heating systems.

Choosing which immersion heater is best for you.

There are a wide range of immersions available in Ireland, but which one is right for you? Consideration must be given to the following, Kw output, element length, cylinder type (copper or stainless steel), top or side mounted and lastly whether your domestic water is soft or hard.

Standard copper immersions

The most common element type in Ireland and come as standard in the majority of copper water cylinders. Ideal for soft water areas and as back up in the event of oil or gas boiler failure. (NOT TO BE USED ON STAINLESS STEEL CYLINDERS) 

Incoloy Immersions (recommended)

Ideal for moderate to hard water areas, although slightly more expensive than standard copper these super alloy immersions are stronger, longer lasting, have higher corrosion resistance and are ideal for higher temperatures. Low noise operation makes this element an excellent choice if you currently utilise day/night electricity rates.

Titanium Immersions

Designed for heavy duty or continuous use, titanium offers excellent corrosion resistance particularly where limescale is an issue. Although the most expensive element option, you will benefit from reduced Maintenance and a longer life span when compared with standard copper or incoloy elements.

Elements for your Water Type 

  • Soft Water Area - Standard Copper Heating ElementWater hardness in Ireland
  • Moderate to Hard Water – Incoloy Heating Element
  • Very Hard Water - Titanium Element

The majority of the drinking water supply in Ireland will suffer from water hardness. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Its the presence of mineral calcium that causes the limescale associated with hard water. When heated hard water releases white calcium deposits, this is better known as limescale and harder the water the more limescale you can expect.




Are you reliant on your Immersion to meet your Hot Water Needs? Make the Switch to Off-Peak!

An immersion heater can be an efficient means of providing a property's hot water. It works independent of the main heating and can be switched on and off as required. If you use your electrical immersion as the sole provider of hot water it may be worthwhile utilising a day/night electrical meter. This allows you to take advantage of the off-peak overnight rates associated with a day/night electrical meter. By utilising these low-cost overnight rates, you can save as much as 50% when compared to standard day time charges. Important consideration must be given to the insulation value, good insulation means your water will stay hotter for longer. Most modern cylinders come with an excellent level of factory fitted insulation and do not require additional insulation. If your current cylinder predates these, lagging jackets are available and are easily fitted.

Advantages of an Immersion Heater 

  • Relatively simple to use and can be turned on and off by a simple switch
  • Immersion heaters are relatively cheap to install and maintain when compared to gas or oil boiler systems.
  • Electrical immersions offer a backup, In the event of gas or oil boiler failure your immersion can be used to provide hot water

Disadvantages of an immersion heater 

  • Heating your water using an electrical immersion is expensive running cost when compared with gas or oil.
  • Single immersion systems (3kw) will have a slower water heat up time than gas or oil systems.
  • Immersions can be easily left on which can prove costly in the long term, this is particularly true in older elements without thermostatic control


~ Jim Ryan