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Get Hive Heating and you could save up to save up to €120 a year on your heating bills



Total heating control from your phone

Hive active heating will give you greater heating control, save you money on your fuel bills and quite simply make your life and home a lot more comfortable.

“Have I left the heating on?” Control your heating from your phone, with Geo-location from hive active heating and never worry whether you have left your heating on again.

I hope there's hot water for a shower? Never come home to a cold shower again with hive active heating you can make sure your water is hot just when you need it.

More than a thermostat!

Straight Forward Installation

The Hive thermostat is powered by 4 AA batteries, meaning it can be placed anywhere within your home and all without any additional cabling.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Set up to 6 daily heating and hot water schedules, having your homes targeted temperature set to suit your schedule. The hive thermostat also has a boost facility, allowing you to boost your heating and/or hot water from 30 mins up to maximum of 6 hours.

Voice commands

With, voice assist control you can turn off and off your heating hands free. Hive heating is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Hive does a lot more than heating...Create a Smart Home with Hive


Total Heating Control with Hive Radiator Thermostats

Do you want whole house heating control? Manage your heating room by room with Hive radiator valves and avoid ever heating an unoccupied room again. Set individual room temperatures to your desired comfort levels. The Hive radiator valves control the flow of water through the radiator when the heating is on, opening and closing to reach the set temperature.

Straight Forward Installation

If you already Have thermostatic radiator valves fitted to your existing radiators, simply unscrew the existing thermostatic head from the valve body and replace with your new Hive Radiator Valve. If you don't have existing thermostatic radiator valves installation will require the installation of a heating professional.

Smart Hive Devices For Your Home

Hive Active Lights 

Never leave your light on again with hive, you can control your lights from anywhere through your phone, tablet or laptop. Schedule on and off lighting times, set the brightness or even change the colour. The bulbs can also be paired with other hive actions such as the door sensor opening and closing.  

Hive View 

Check your home anytime, anywhere with hive view a stylish indoor smart camera. Set up motion and sound detection alerts and don’t worry if you have pets, the hive view can be set up so it only detects people. The hive view camera has a 1080p, 130 degree view and works superbly at night thanks to its inbuilt night vision capabilities. 

The really neat aspect is that you can detach Hive View for an hour of wireless video, so you can keep an eye on other areas of your home before returning it to the magnetic charging mount. 

Hive Camera 

A more affordable alternative to the hive view, this camera doesn't have the same capabilities as its bigger brother. But nonetheless it has an excellent feature list including two way audio and night vision. Perfect for checking up on your pets and everything else. 

Hive Active Plug 

Switch any electrical device on or off with the hive active plug. Shedule up to six on and off periods per day. Away from home? With the hive active plug you can switch your lamps on or off to give the appearance that your still at home. Set up actions within the hive app, works with the hive hub 

Hive Hub 360 

The Hive Hub 360 connects through a wireless wi-fi connection, meaning it does not need to be directly plugged into your internet router. This advanced hub connects your hive devices together on a secure network. It also features audio detection and will record and send you a notification in the event of a smoke alarm sounding, glass breaking or your dog barking. It can also be set up to start an action such as turning on your hall lights in the event of motion detection on your hive door sensor.  

Hive Door and Window Sensor 

The hive door and window sensor is a cleverly designed wireless sensor that will send an alert to your smartphone if a door or window has been opened or closed. Simple and quick self-install, you can easily clip the hive sensor onto the selected windows or doors using the high strength self-adhesive tabs. 

Take advantage of hive actions for full benefits. Such as turning off the heating if windows are open or turning on lights if doors are opened. 

Hive Motion Sensor 

A discreet wireless sensor that sends you alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected in your home. Easy to install, the sensor comes with self-adhesive tabs and an easy pull battery tab. For additional benefits set up actions using the hive app. 


Hive Actions Explained 

Hive actions connects your hive devices together and gives the user the ability to formulate different automated features into their hive home. Such features could be as simple as turning on a light when a door is opened. The action links together the door sensor and the smart light bulb in the said room. 

With 50 preset settings such as “when motion in detected” or “ when a door is opened” hive has something for everyone without getting to technical. 

Popular Hive Questions Answered

Does hive heating have a monthly subscription charge?

Currently there is no monthly subscription charge for hive heating.

Does hive heating work with any type of boiler?

Hive heating works with most gas and oil-fired boilers, if you have an existing room thermostat the hive can be used as a direct replacement. 

How long does it take to get hive heating installed? 

It should take no more than 90 minutes to install your hive heating system. 

Will Hive Heating control my hot water too?

Hive heating can control your hot water on and off periods independently, although this is dependent on whether your current heating system has zoned hot water and heating controls.

Will my hive heating work if my broadband is switched off?

Your hive heating will continue to work as per your schedule, any changes will have to be made through the hive thermostat until your broadband is restored. 

Where will my hive thermostat go?

The hive thermostat is battery powered and can be placed anywhere without the need for messy cabling. Careful consideration should be given to the placement of hive thermostats away from additional heat sources such as radiators, cookers, stoves etc. Other factors than can influence the hive thermostat are wall vents, direct sunlight from windows and draughts. 

Can hive work through a wireless wi-fi connection?

The standard Hive hub will require a physical connection to your router, although if needed you can upgrade to the newest hive hub 360. Which does not require a physical network connection to the broadband router. 

I don’t have an internet connection can I still get hive heating?

Hive will work as a stand-alone programmable room thermostat without internet, if you require remote access you will require an internet connection. 

How does the hive heating system work?

The Hive thermostat is a wall mounted battery-operated thermostat, that control's the ambient air temperature in your home. enabling you to set different target temperatures to your needs. 

My hive thermostat keeps losing signal what can I do?

The hive thermostat can be moved closer to your hub or alternatively, Hive supply signal boosters that can be used in circumstances where your signal is dropping out.