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Heat Recovery Ventilation

If you are thinking of installing a high quality, affordable heat recovery ventilation system speak to the experts at Gasworks.ie. Since installing our first HRV system back in 2007 we have developed the knowledge and expertise to ensure a top class installation. Backed up by our quality guarantee.
Heat Recovery Ventilation is an energy efficient mechanical ventilation system ideally suited to an air tight property. It provides preheated incoming fresh clean air to the property, while removing stale air. This is done through a series of Ducting, Each room in the property is served by fresh air duct with wet areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms served by an extract duct. The duct work is connected to the continuously running heat recovery ventilation unit with the extracted stale air exiting the property pre heating the incoming fresh air supply. Such is the efficiency of the unit that up to 95% of the heat energy can be recovered.
During normal operation the heat recovery unit runs at a low constant speed, but can be boosted when a higher ventilation rate is required. An example of when a boosted ventilation rate would be required would be when the humidity levels reach a set point, showering, cooking or bathing could cause this. Additionally a summer by pass function can be utilised for the warmer days of the year, helping to maintain the property’s comfort levels. When the summer by pass function is selected the extracted stale air does not exchange its heat energy to the incoming fresh filtered air. Effectively by passing the heat recovery process.
Installing a heat recovery ventilation system will improve home comfort levels, by delivering clean fresh filtered air and is ideal for those with allergies such as asthma. Lower energy bills can be expected as the heat that would have otherwise been lost is recycled. Provided the Unit is sized correctly, low noise levels can be expected.
As with any other building service, heat recovery systems require maintenance. We recommend replacing the Air filters every 6 – 12 months dependent on air quality. Replacement filters can be ordered here. Additionally the heat exchanger should be cleaned annually and should be replaced after its lifetime.