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Gas Fuel Types

Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the cleanest forms of fossil fuel energy we can use to fulfill our homes and business energy needs. Mainly composed of methane, it is found deep beneath the earth and is extracted in the same way as oil. Having a lesser impact on the environment than conventional fossil fuels, when compared to oil it produces 30% less carbon emissions when burnt. Being cheaper than electricity, already over half a million homes and businesses in Ireland are connected to Natural Gas. Unlike LPG, Natural Gas is supplied to homes and businesses through the underground piping network. Meaning there is no need to store it, further improving safety.

Natural gas is supplied to the dwelling through a gas meter box, which has within a gas governor to regulate the pressure of the gas entering the premises to a lower permissible pressure and a gas meter to enable billing for gas used.

New meters installed, will be located in an external meter box. This enables the meter to be read for the purpose of billing without disturbing you. The meter gas meter box can be recessed into a suitable wall if required, usually this is prepared by the client.

Where can my Gas Meter Box be located?

The Gas meter box can be located at the front gable end wall at a maximum distance of 2 metres from the front Corner of the Dwelling. It can also be located on either side of the dwellings front entrance/door or on either side of a window, provided that the window is a fully sealed window. The gas meter can also be located on the boundary wall provided it is located in such a way that minimises the possibility of accidental damage.

Where can my Gas Meter Box not be located?

The Meter Box must not be placed directly above drains, air vents, or an electricity meter. It is also not permitted for the gas meter box to be located directly under an openable window, Vents, appliance flues or an electricity meter.

In an enclosed porch or overhang, or in an open porch or overhang that could be enclosed. Anywhere that access to the gas meter box may be restrained in an emergency. In an area where there is risk of vehicular impact or on a stone built Boundary wall.

Can the Gas Meter Box be located inside?

In the event of the property having no front outside area for possible placement of the gas meter box, the meter may be located inside the property provided that a low pressure gas connection is available. When the meter is located inside of the property it must be located as close as it is possible to the gas entry point in the building.

It cannot be located near a heat source or extreme temperatures, in a bathroom or food store. In a compartment without normal air circulation, near combustible materials.

It can also not be placed under a stairwell or in a common area that provides the only means of escape in the event of an emergency.



Liquid Petroleum Gas

LPG Or liquid petroleum gas is a way of meeting your energy needs if there is currently no natural gas in your area. LPG is a gas in a liquid state which is colourless and odourless, a distinct smell is added to help detect the presence of leaks. LPG is available in various tanks, cylinders and canisters. It is composed of Propane and Butane, is clean burning when compared to other fossil fuels. Like natural gas LPG is found beneath the earth in a gaseous state, but under pressure and at certain temperatures the gas becomes a liquid. It is in this liquid state that LPG is transported and stored. There are various options for above and underground bulk tank storage, with consecutive being rather popular. There is no need to worry about monitoring the levels within the tank as this is done by the supplier so you will never run out of gas.

It is widely used throughout Ireland for the purposes of cooking, space heating, in the automobile industry and also in Industry. It is Highly Flammable and therefore great care must be taken when handling LPG Gas cylinders. Only trained registered gas installers are permitted to work on LPG gas appliances.

Where can I Can my LPG Bulk Storage Tank Be Located?

The LPG Bulk Storage Tank can be located above ground or below ground, the sitting of which is the responsibility of the LPG supplier. Minimum distances from the property will apply.

If you are interested in Utilising LPG as a means of meeting your energy needs, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.