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Gas Boiler Types

Gas Boiler Types, Which One Is Best For Your Home

Condensing gas boilers are one of the most economical methods of providing the comfort a nice warm property offers. On average a condensing gas boiler is around 30% more efficient than a standard efficiency boiler. It achieves this by recycling the hot flue gases into useful energy, which in turn preheats the cooler boiler return pipe, this cooling of the flue gases results in water vapour or condensation inside the boilers heat exchanger hence the name condensing gas boiler. Condense is then collected by a condense trap and discharged to a suitable drain or soak-away.

By choosing to replace your current standard efficiency boiler with a condensing gas boiler (SEDBUK band A) you are guaranteed to save money on your energy bill. Average savings can be up to 30% and when installed with the correct Time and Temperature Controls this saving can be even greater. Saving you more money and improving your home heating comfort at the same time. SEDBUK-A

Deciding which type of gas boiler suits your home or business can be very confusing, with such a wide range available. There are 3 main gas boiler types to choose from, they are System Boilers, Heat Only Boilers and Combi Boilers.

Combi Boilers

A combi or combination boiler is an all in one hot water and central heating gas boiler. There is no need for a cylinder to preheat the domestic hot water before use, as the combi boiler will deliver piping hot water instantly at the tap. While at the same time being very cost effective and efficient as there is no stored volume of hot water. These boilers are ideal for pressurised water systems as they require a minimum flow rate which the current mains water might not be capable of delivering.

  • Ideal for smaller property’s
  • No stored hot water
  • Economical in operation
  • No Attic tank needed

Heat Only Boilers

Heat Only boilers are well suited to conventional heating and hot water systems. These boilers are ideal replacement option for most of the older boiler types. They are smaller in size than the system boiler making them ideal for cupboard installation and due to a lower system operating pressure these boilers are ideal for older radiator systems. Unlike the system boiler the circulation pump, expansion vessel and safety valve are not within the boiler casing and must be supplied separately.

  • Economical in operation
  • Ideal for large hot water demands
  • Compatible with solar hot water heating
  • Compact

System Boilers

System boilers are by far the most popular choice when it comes to replacing your gas boiler. Key components such as the circulation pump expansion vessel and safety valve are contained within the boiler casing. Meaning a quicker install time and also a tidier installation, they are slightly larger than the heat only boiler range but offer a wider warranty coverage of vital components. Our choice of system boiler would have to be the award winning Worcester Bosch 24i System Boiler.

  • Key Components within (pump)
  • Ideal for Large hot water demands
  • Economical in operation
  • Compatible with solar hot water heating