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Gas Boiler Service


A regular gas boiler service is essential to ensure the correct and safe operation of your boiler. A defective gas boiler can result in higher energy bills as it may not be operating at the manufactures specified settings. This could also result in the incomplete combustion of the gas fuel, making the presence of the deadly poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas likely.

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas and for this reason it is highly dangerous. It is very difficult to know if your appliance is producing carbon monoxide without preforming the essential service checks. Servicing your gas boiler regularly will ensure the safe operation of your appliance while also keeping your home safe.

It is a legal requirement that only a Registered Gas Installer is permitted to service your gas boiler. All of our boiler engineers are RGI registered and have both the required competency and experience when it comes to servicing and commissioning of your gas boiler.


What’s involved in a Gas Boiler Service?

If your boiler requires its annual service you can use our online booking form or alternatively contact us via the contact us page and we will assist you in your booking of your gas boiler service. You will then receive an agreed time window and date. The day before your agreed service date you will receive a reminder message to your mobile phone. If required we can also call you if you feel the need.

Upon arrival our engineer will present you with a copy of his gasworks identification badge along with his RGI identification.

The engineer will require you to turn on the boiler on arrival to verify that it is operational. A Typical boiler service should take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete and it will consist of a 20 point gas boiler service checklist. Once satisfied that your boiler passes the required checks and is preforming safely and efficiently. You will receive a declaration of conformance along with a copy of the service checklist.

By booking your gas boiler service with Gasworks you can be guaranteed that you will receive an expert service from an approved registered gas installer. All of our service engineers are highly trained experts with extensive knowledge backed by experience.


What’s covered during your gas boiler service?

A full inspection of the boilers flue system, including all visible flue joints and seals. Inspection of flue terminal location and condition. Inspection of boiler casing and boiler seals, cleaning of burner and combustion chamber. Inspection of stats, ignition devices, electrodes and pilot lights. Visual Inspection of boiler joints and seals for signs of leakage/corrosion. Inspection of condensate traps and drain. Cleaning of condensate trap. Ensure the correct operation of pressure relief valves.

The gas boiler will also be tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction to ensure the correct operational conditions are met. This testing is conducted through gas analysis testing equipment and compared to the tolerances set by the manufacturer. If required the service engineer will adjust the air/gas ratio to achieve the manufacturers set limits.

A visual inspection of any other existing gas appliances, ventilation requirements. If the engineer finds cause for any safety concern you will receive a written notification of the hazard. Corrective measures will be required.

Upon service completion the operation of your heating controls will be checked and advice given on usage in regards to energy efficiency.


Our Gas Boiler Service Checklist

Check gas line for soundness

Check boiler location, is the boiler location suitable

Check For the correct ventilation as appropriate

Check boiler for any visual damage

Check for flue spillage

Check flue condition, routing and terminal location

Check condensate

Check main burner and clean as necessary

Check pilot burner and all probes and cabling

Check heat exchanger and clean as necessary

Check main burner operation and adjust as required

Check the operation of flame sensing control

Check flue effectiveness whilst boiler is operational

Check for gas soundness with boiler running

Check for electrical isolation and correct 3 amp fuse is fitted

Check for correct polarity and wiring is correct

Check operation of boiler thermostat

Check system pressure and expansion vessel pressure

Check correct boiler operation

Carry out combustion tests


Gas Boiler Repair

If you are in need of a gas boiler repair you have come to the right place. Our team of expert boiler repair engineers have many years of experience between them and will carry out repairs on all makes and models of gas boilers up to 65KW. Our repair engineers carry an extensive range of gas boiler parts meaning a quick first time repair likely. We aim to repair every boiler first time, if it is case that we do not have a replacement part in stock, we aim to have the required part within 24 hours and you will not be charged for the return visit. All replacement parts fitted come with a 12 month warranty.


Gas Boiler Repair Charges

There are no hidden fees at Gasworks, if you require a call out from one of our gas boiler repair engineers simply contact us by phone or alternatively fill out the required information on the contact us page and we will call you at your earliest convenience.

The costs of a callout is €80 this fee covers includes 30 minutes of diagnosis and repair works, with any required additional time being charged at €20 per 15 minutes. This price does not include replacement parts. Any parts required will be charged at a fixed price.

Signs your gas boiler may require service/repair works

The most obvious sign that your boiler requires repairs is that the radiators no longer heat. But it is most likely the boiler may have been showing signs of failure long before that, so it pays to know the warning signs.

Unusual boiler noises on start up

Sudden increase in gas bill

Orange or yellow flame

Signs of corrosion/leakage

Water pressure

Boiler reset required