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Gas Boiler Replacement


If your current boiler is over 15 years old it may be time for a gas boiler replacement. The first step in replacing your existing old gas boiler with a high efficient “A” rated model is deciding which boiler type suits your home or business. Usually the most cost-effective gas boiler replacement is a like-for-like install, in other words if you currently have a system boiler installed, the most straight-forward replacement choice would be a system boiler. This would reduce installation time, materials and equally reduce your expenditure. We also offer information on finance packages to suit your budget, so you can finally experience the cost saving addition a new "A" rated gas boiler makes to your energy bills.

We are the experts when it comes to deciding on a gas boiler replacement , our team is on hand to assist you in the decision making process when deciding on which gas boiler best suits for you.

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The first step in when looking for a gas boiler replacement is deciding on which type and model of gas boiler best suits your home or business, taking into consideration your current boiler type, location and age.If you are unsure of which boiler best suits your needs, we have a dedicated page on the types of gas boilers that you can avail of. Alternatively you can contact us and we will be delighted to offer advice and guidance to help you in your decision making.

To avail of a free no obligation quotation contact us to arrange an expert heating engineer member for a free site visit at convenient time and date, where your current system will be inspected and recommendations made to ensure the best choice and value for money.

Once you have received your free quotation, it will be valid for 30 days and comes with a fixed price guarantee.


Benefits of replacing your gas boiler

While replacing your old gas boiler for a new “A” Rated high efficiency gas boiler can be an expensive investment, there are benefits to be had especially if you decide on a boiler upgrade with energy saving controls.Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler Replacement

Improved Efficiency

The efficiency of your old boiler could be as low as 55% - 70% depending on a number of factors, while a new “A” Rated model will have a minimum seasonal efficiency of 90%.

Lower Fuel Bills

On average a gas boiler is our biggest expense when it come to our annual fuel bills with it accounting for 60% of our total energy bills. By changing to a  new energy efficient model you could save 30% on your annual fuel bill

 Improved Performance

When correctly sized and installed a new “A” Rated gas boiler offers better performance from your heating system.

5-10 Year Warranty

We offer a minimum full 5 year warranty on every boiler installed by our expert team. Depending on the model of boiler chosen some boilers from our range come with a full 10 Year warranty to give you total peace of mind.

Quiet Operation

Improved boiler design makes for a significantly quieter boiler when compared with older boiler types. Dependant on the location of your boiler this can make a massive difference.

Smaller Size

New boilers tend to be smaller in size meaning more installation options, in some circumstances they can even be located in a kitchen cupboard.

Energy Saving Heating Controls

Correctly installed heating controls will not only save you money on your fuel bill but will also improve the comfort of your home.

What to consider when replacing your Gas Boiler


The location of your new gas boiler and model is likely to impact install time and costs, particularly if you have decided on a relocation. Below are some things to consider when deciding on your new gas boiler replacement.

Gas Boiler Type/Model - The model of gas boiler chosen will impact on your price. The higher the quality of the selected boiler the higher the costs associated with it, for this reason we have a selected range of gas boilers to suit every budget while minimising the difference in quality.

Heating Controls - Proper heating control will not only reduce your fuel bill but will also make for a easier controlled, better performing central heating system. Dependent on the level of heating control required the installation time and cost will be impacted although grants are available to offset this additional expense.

Piping -  Your new “A” rated condensing gas boiler may require a larger gas pipe dependent on the distance from the gas meter, current pipe size and the amount of gas appliances served by the current gas line. In addition if you are planning on relocating the new gas boiler, provisions will have to be made for re-connection of the existing heating system piping to the newly installed gas boiler. Floors coverings may have to be temporarily removed to allow the routing of piping to serve the boiler in its new location.

Condense - Your new high efficient boiler will require a means of discharging its water vapour by product to a suitable drain or soak away. 

Boiler Flue - The length of run and Flue terminal location are two very important factors to be considered when choosing you boiler location. A boiler located internally with no direct access to an outside wall will require addtional flue lenghts and components and this will impact your expenditure.

Heating Zones - Dependent on your current heating system capabilities additional piping and cabling may be required dependent on the type of zoning required. (Hot water and Radiators)

Space Requirements - Boilers come in all different sizes and with that their minimum space requirements vary greatly. It’s Important to note the minimum space requirement for service, repair and Installation.

MagnaClean Gas Boiler Filter

Heating System Water Quality

The quality of the water in your heating system is paramount to system efficiency, performance and expected boiler life. That’s why we will not install an expensive “A” rated boiler on your current heating system without knowing what we are up against. A water sample from your system will be taken by our sales team member and a quality test will be performed. Once we are satisfied an estimate will be given and cost agreed.

Our choice of system flush is the use of a magnacleanse rapid flush filter, this is a cost effective system flush which will remove sludge particles increasing efficiency and performance.

Poor water quality is the single biggest factor affecting system efficiency and boiler performance. It can also cause extensive damage to your gas boiler. If you are looking for a gas boiler replacement insist on a water quality test.

System Flush – Dependent on water quality a chosen cleaning agent will be selected and full system flush will be performed.

Magnetic Filter - Every boiler Installed by Gasworks will be accompanied by an energy saving magnetic filter.

System Protector - Each system will be adequately dosed with a protecting agent, by maintain the water quality in the heating system we protect vital components reducing maintenance and fuel costs.

Watch the above video and find out what is involved in flushing out your heating system to ensure the correct water quality for your new gas boiler replacement model.

When it comes to a new gas boiler replacement. We are proud to offer some of the best gas boiler warranty’s available in Ireland. Working with leading manufactures we are able to offer full 5, 7, 8 and 10 year warranties dependent your chosen boiler model. An annual service will be required to avail of these extended warranties.

Whats Involved When Replacing My Gas Boiler

How long will it take?

The replacement of your old gas boiler with one of our "A" rated gas boiler models will usually take 1 full day for a straight forward gas boiler replacement and system flush. Although this is dependent on the condition of the central heating system, gas boiler location, gas pipe size, access to a suitable drain for the condensate by product as well as any additional heating controls or zoning.

Will access be required to the whole house?

Yes we will require access through out the house for the purpose of system draining, refilling of the heating system, Flushing of the heating sytem and to ensure the heating system is fully operational.

Do i need to move or cover any furniture or floor coverings?

No the gas boiler replacement team will remove/cover any floor coverings, furniture or items required during the installation.

What will i get on completion? 

A Completion Pack complete with all manuals and user instructions, details of your extended warranty and a gas compliance certificate.

How can i Pay? 

You can pay by credit card, cheque, bank draft or cash. We also have finance options available.