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Choosing the right boiler can be the difference between a successful installation and a complete disaster. If your current boiler has given up altogether and without warning, you may be seeking an urgent remedy. Although you may want to get your hot water and heating back up and running as soon as possible. it is important to make the right choice for both your home and your pocket. 

Gasworks are here to help you make the right decision, our guide to combi boilers is designed to give you a better understanding.

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What is a Combi Boiler

A Combination boiler, also known as a combi boiler is a popular boiler choice for small to medium sized homes throughout Ireland. The main advantage of a combi boiler is the capability to heat the domestic hot water on demand. While at the same time meeting the property's heating requirements.

It does all this without the need for bulky hot water storage cylinders and tanks, Gas Combi boilers are available for both LPG and Natural Gas, with models also available for oil fired and electrical heating systems.

5 Important Factors 

What are five most important factors in your decision-making process?

Price, Efficiency, Warranty, Reliability, Quality Installer are probably the most influential factors to decide from. 


The single most important decision is the cost. Prices can vary hugely, depending on the installation difficulty and choice of boiler. It is for this reason it is important to get at least 3 estimates.  


With so many different boilers brand available on the market today it may be difficult to decide which is best. Although a certain brand may be very popular in Ireland, this does not guarantee quality. Think Celtic Tiger Houses, the most important factor for many builders was maximum profits. Nobody ever questions the central heating boiler when buying a brand-new house. But you Should!  


The longer the warranty the better the deal and usually the better the boiler. It is important to ensure that any warranty given is backed up by the boiler manufacturer. Ensure you receive a copy of the warranty documentation including all relevant terms and conditions. 


The better the reliability the better the boiler. Worcester Bosch are the market leaders when it comes to reliability. But don’t believe us check it out for yourself here 


Although manufacturer accredited installers are always the best choice. It is important to research online reviews to ensure they are both genuine and positive. Don’t be afraid to ask for references if your still unsure. RGI Registered is not only a must its illegal for anyone other than an RGI.  


Why Choose a Combi Boiler? 

Although combination boilers are not the popular boiler choice in Ireland. There are several reasons why choosing a combi boiler makes perfect sense.  

Ideal for apartments and smaller homes, they offer space saving benefits when compared to traditional heating boiler systems. With no bulky hot water cylinder required. 

They produce hot water on demand, meaning there's waiting around for the water to heat. Removing the need to worry about timers or immersion heaters. This will also reduce energy wastage as you only heat what you use. 

Like pressure?. In Ireland poor water pressure is a common occurrence. Combination boilers operate at a higher pressure than traditional gravity feed hot water systems. Resulting in more flow at the tap. 

Important Considerations

As much as you may like the idea of instant hot water, combi boilers are not an ideal fit for every home.

If your home is quite large with several bathrooms, en-suites etc a combination boiler may not be the right choice. One of the most common combi problems we encounter is the lack of hot water when more than one hot water outlet is in use. Because combi's heat the water instantly, the amount of hot water produced may not be able to keep up with demand. For example, if you have more than 1 shower operating at the same time. Because of this combi boilers are not recommended for homes with more than one bathroom. 

Mains Water Pressure.

The incoming water mains is not sufficient or erratic. Because combi boilers require a min flow rate to operate, if your mains water is to weak a booster pump and break tank will be required. This will increase installation and maintenance costs 


Still thinking of installing a combi boiler? Get a fixed price quotation 


What Size Combi do you need?

The amount of hot water your home uses will have a direct impact on the required boiler size. Likewise, the heating demands for your home will also have a bearing on the boiler size. 

The bigger the hot water output, the higher the flow rate. It is important to remember the incoming cold mains water pressure, will also need to be capable of matching the flow rate output of the boiler. 

With so many different factors affecting the boiler size, it is best to seek expert advice. 

Our Team of expert heating advisors are available to assist you simply call 01-4433005  


Deciding on Boiler Brand


Types of Combi Boilers in Ireland

Although we’ve listed the best gas Combi boilers here as they’re the most commonly installed, Combi boilers are also available in oil, LPG or electric in a range of sizes. 

Gas Combi Boilers 

Natural Gas Combi Boilers are the most popular combi boiler sold in Ireland. Natural Gas is a cheaper fuel when compared with electricity, oil or LPG. This of course means lower running costs. 

For Nat Gas Boiler Installations always consult an RGI Registered Installer 

Oil Combi Boilers 

Much like their natural gas counterparts oil combi boilers never really took off in Ireland. Although scarce, they do exist. When compared to gas, with oil combis you can expect to pay as much as 40% more in installations costs. Not to mention the running costs will be typically more expensive too. Not forgetting if you are unfortunate to run out of oil, you will be without hot water. Although an inline immersion can be fitted as a backup. This will not provide the equivalent in hot water. 

For Oil Boiler Installation always consult an OFTEC Registered Installer   

LPG Combi Boilers 

Very much the same as natural gas combi boilers, with running costs the main difference. Although costlier per unit than Nat Gas, for homes not on the national gas network LPG may be a wise choice. Liquid Petroleum Gas is available in both bulk storage and bottled supply.   

For LPG Gas Boiler Installations always consult an RGI Registered Installer 

Electric Combi Boilers 

An electric Combi boiler uses an electrical element to heat the water. They are a popular choice for homes where Nat Gas, LPG or Oil is either unavailable or inpractical.

The most obvious downside to electrical boilers is of course the usage costs, which are considerably more than alternative fuels. Electrical boilers are not suited to homes with moderate hot water needs.

Choosing an Installer  

Installation of a combi boiler is a complex specialist task that requires competent engineers/plumbers and in some cases electricians. In Ireland there is plenty of boiler installation companies to choose from. But How do you choose between them?