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Change From Oil To Gas

Change From Oil to Gas For your Home

Gas is an excellent cost effective choice for meeting your home energy needs, LPG and Natural Gas are the two forms of gas available in Ireland. LPG is an alternative solution in areas where natural gas is currently available. Already thousands of homes across Ireland are using either Natural Gas or LPG as an efficient way of providing the energy needed for home central heating, hot water, gas fires, gas cookers and gas hobs.

Whether your upgrading your current central heating, renovating your home or building your dream home, gas is a cost effective efficient fuel. Unlike oil natural gas is a mains fuel and does not require storage or monitoring. Oil is usually delivered in bulk and then stored in a suitable oil tank for later use, this bulk storage of oil requires monitoring to ensure you do not run out of oil.

LPG Gas is also bulk stored in a gas storage tank which is provided and maintained by the gas supplier. The gas storage tank can even be placed below ground for those of you who prefer not to have a gas tank on view.

Advantages of Gas Heating Over Oil Heating

  • Gas Boilers are cheaper to install than oil boilers
  • Gas Boilers have the ability to modulate their output to suit the heating demand saving money in doing so
  • Gas Heating is a cleaner form of heating
  • Gas Boilers can be installed in a variety of locations
  • Gas Boilers are smaller and more compact
  • No heating oil theft to worry about
  • You will not run out of Gas
  • Smaller more manageable Billing (heating oil is bulk purchased)
  • Ideal for underfloor or zoned heating
  • More intelligent control options











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Calor Gas Below Ground Bulk Stoarage Tank
A Below Ground LPG Storage Tank