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Air to Air Heat Pumps

Air To air heat pumps are effectively air conditioning units. They not only save energy but also purify the property inside air. They are suitable for a wide range of property types and are a very efficient way of both heating and cooling their homes or property’s. The air to air heat pump system can be used as either a stand-alone heating system or it can be used as an effective way of complementing your existing traditional heating system.

Air to Air Heat Pumps have an external unit from which refrigerant piping is connected from the indoor air distribution unit. This piping carries the heat generated from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. The indoor unit can be either wall mounted, cassette, ducted or floor standing systems, which is placed in a suitable area that will maximise the warm air circulation within the property.  The Indoor unit then distributes the heat throughout the required room of the the property, it does this by using a modulating fan which will adjust its speed to suit the property’s air temperature setting. Such is the effectiveness of the air circulation adjoining rooms can experience a near equal air temperature to that of the heated room. Although this is dependent on the construction type and along with a variety of other factors.

Air to Air Heat Pump Advantages

  • Air to Air Heat Pumps provide both heating air and cooling air, making your property a comfortable environment whatever the weather.
  • There is no need to install costly heating distribution piping such as underfloor heating throughout the property
  • No expensive ground works such as boreholes required
  • Ideal For open plan areas such as Office Spaces, Churches , Sports Halls, Retail Units etc
  • The indoor unit is relatively quiet in operation and will not represent an annoyance to those occupying the room in which it is situated.
  • Increases the property’s BER rating.
  • Multiple install options available the indoor distribution units can be either wall mounted, cassette, ducted or floor standing systems.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • A more cost effective solution than a ground source heat pump.


Worcester Bosch Greensource heat pump

Is My Property Suitable for an Air to Air Heat Pump?

Before you decide on installing an air to air heat pump in your property it is of the upmost importance that a full expert property assessment is carried out. This assessment will determine if your property is suitable for a heat pump system. This will ensure your expectations are met and that you are not left with an inefficient costly heating system.

The detailed property assessment will consist of

  • Complete building heat loss – The property total heat loss requirement will be calculated. This is calculated through both ventilation heat loss and fabric heat loss. Fabric heat loss is the heat loss through the buildings fabric such as walls, windows, doors, window, floor and roof. Ventilation heat loss is calculated through natural purpose provided ventilation, draughts etc.
  • Detailed Design and Specification – Once your property heat loss requirements and current energy usage has been ascertained. We can now advise whether your property is suitable for an air to air heat pump, what you can expect to save on your energy bill and most importantly what it will cost to install an air to air heat pump system.

Get a Quote for an Air to Air Heat Pump

If you thinking about installing an air source heat pump, but are unsure if your property is suitable and which type of heat pump would best suit your needs and budget. We are ready to help you, simply contact us through the contact page or simply call us. We can then assess your property for suitability and issue no hidden cost quotation. This service is free and without obligation.