Emergency Plumbers in Chapelizod

Are you in need of a plumber in Chapelizod or the surrounding areas? If you are, then you have come to the right place. Gasworks are Ireland’s leading plumbing and heating companies and therefore you can trust in our reliable and efficient services. The Gasworks team are always available for you whenever you need us, ensuring that all your plumbing needs are seen to as fast as possible.

With services like our 24-Hour response team that consists of only the best, dedicated, skilled and reliable plumbers we can provide outstanding customer service and a speedy response.

With competitive pricing, fast response times and incredible service, there is so many reasons why you can rely on Gasworks as your go-to plumbers in Chapelizod.

Full Range of Plumbing, Central Heating and Gas Services offered in Chapilizod.

Gasworks provide a wide variety of domestic and commercial plumbing services to Chapilizod and surrounding areas. Our range of services consist of water tanks replacements, water pump replacement, hot water cylinder replacements, drainage repairs and replacement, bathroom refurbishments and installations, emergency call outs, tap replacements and general plumbing requirements.

One of our many unique services is our fixed price guarantee and it’s exactly what it says on tin, meaning that the price you are quoted is the price you pay, with no hidden extras. You’ll be happy to know that it applies even when there are any unforeseen circumstances that would otherwise influence your pricing. At Gasworks, you can trust us to crystal clear about what you pay. You won’t find anything like us anywhere else!

We also offer a complete bespoke design service. This means that no matter the project, we have the expert Plumbers/Engineers to guarantee the best, unique plumbing installation to match. We only use the highest quality fittings and fixtures and all of our work is also backed up with a guarantee.

With so many factors influencing your choice, for more info on Plumbers in Chapilizod contact us now.

Central Heating Chapilizod

Do you need a central heating health check-up or a complete heating system overhaul? At Gasworks, it’s really up to you. We have the dependable expert plumbers who will provide outstanding service for your central heating needs.

Wondering why your heating bills are that expensive? Realistically, it makes sense that an old heating system can be hard on heating bills. Unfortunately, this is from its lack of energy efficiency. Old systems are poor performing and, in terms of money, cost inefficient. At Gasworks, we can solve this.

When considering long term circumstances, getting regular central heating health checks will benefit you. Choosing Gasworks as your go-to plumbers and engineers can result in a better performing system and also save you money (which we know you’ll love).

Your gas boiler is an essential part of your home, it is vital that you look after it. For the best quality boiler it is important that you carry out check-ups on your boiler. With a boiler operating smoothly all throughout the year, you’ll have the best boiler in town.

At Gasworks, a certified engineer will conduct a service on your boiler. Having your boiler serviced regularly will reduce the likeability of a breakdown, and in turn will extend the life of your boiler. So, whether you are based in Chapilizod, or any of the surrounding areas, we have a professional engineer on standby to cater for your needs.

Our wide range of needed heating services includes power-flushing, radiator replacements, circulation pump replacements, water analysis, leak detection, stove installations, boiler repairs, and boiler replacements.

Through our team of highly skilled and qualified heating engineers, why not get your check-ups with Chapilizod’s most popular heating company.

If you require a heating engineer in Chapilizod, please contact us at any time.

Need a replacement Gas or Oil Boiler in Chapilizod?

If you’ve come this far, it sounds like your present gas boiler is in need of an upgrade! Don’t worry, Gasworks are already on it. Luckily for you, turning your existing gas or oil boiler to a new high-efficient condensing model is easy, affordable and quick. Since all of our boiler engineers and plumbers are OFTEC and RGI Registered whilst being skilled and trained in both the installation and repair of domestic and commercial gas and oil boilers – we can’t be beaten.

We are also partner installers for most of the market-leading boiler manufactures and we are able to deliver the best boiler warranties. In contrast to our competitors, our warranties are supported by the manufacturers. We also do not require you to sign into a service contract to receive your warranty. Some of these competing service contracts charge totally excessive annual service fees, providing no guarantee at all. That’s why you should make sure that you always come to Gasworks! We are one of the most advanced companies in plumbing and engineering when it comes to warranties. Worcester Bosch are our most common gas boiler choice and are offered with 7, 9 and 10 Year Warranties. Grant are our most common oil boiler and are offered with a full 5-year warranty.

Contact us to organise a free, no obligation fixed price quotation.

Book Your Gas Boiler Service in Chapilizod

As mentioned previously, carrying out an inspection on your boiler will keep it running smoothly throughout the year. This is a method to live by, having your boiler serviced regularly will reduce the risk of a breakdown and also help to prolong the life of your boiler, ensuring that your gas boiler runs both efficiently and safely. All of our gas boiler service engineers are RGI registered and educated in

the service and repair of gas boilers. When carrying out your annual service our engineers will follow to the manufacturers precise service instructions, guaranteeing that your boiler meets regulations. Overhauling your boiler per annum will extend the lifetime, decrease the number of breakdowns whilst also preserving its efficiency. What more could you want?

Call 014433005 to book your gas boiler service in Chapilizod.

Need a Gas Boiler Replacement in Chapilizod?

Still planning to upgrade your gas boiler with a new, high efficient model? We can help. At Gasworks, we are here to assist you in any of your replacement needs. Being qualified installers for most market leading boiler manufactures, we can provide extended warranties on a large variety of gas boilers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vokera and Intergas. Unlike many of our competitors, we have warranties like no one else. Our extended warranties are not limited to a service agreement. This gives you the independence to shop around for your annual gas boiler service with the knowledge that your warranty will not be affected.

From our 5 star reviews, it is evident that at Gasworks we only recruit the best. With all our plumbers being RGI Registered, experienced, trained and certified by the chosen boiler manufacturers, we can say that we have the best staff around. This means that you can ensure that you will receive a high-quality boiler installation supported by the given manufacturer.

Why Choose Gasworks for Replacing Your Gas Boiler in Chapilizod?

High Quality Install

RGI Registered

References Available

Flexible Payment Options

Up to 10 Year Boiler Warranties Available

SEAI Registered and Grant Approved

Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

IDEAL Accredited Installers

Vokera Accredited Installers.

How much will it cost to replace my gas boiler?

If you would like to inquire how much we will charge to replace your existing gas boiler, it’s easy. With our fixed price quotation service mentioned earlier, we can tell you how much exactly it will cost! Our prices are subject to a technical home heating survey from one of our highly experienced home heating engineers in Chapilizod and, fortunately for you, this does not carry any cost. Our service is completely free! Now you definitely won’t find that anywhere else! During your free home heating survey, your existing heating system will be evaluated, heating requirements measured and boiler replacement possibilities given. Once satisfied, you will receive a fixed price quotation for the arranged works.

Are there grants available for replacing my gas boiler?

On the condition that your home was built prior to 2006, you may be eligible for a grant for upgrading your current gas boiler and central heating controls. The grants are available under the Better Energy Homes Scheme. (Who doesn’t love a good discount?)

Need Your Gas Boiler Repaired?

Has your Gas Boiler ceased to function efficiently? If you are reading this, we assume that your gas boiler has gone rogue, but, not to worry – we can fix it!

If you are facing complications with your current gas boiler, you can trust Gasworks to get the problem solved. We can repair all makes and models of gas boilers such as Vokera, Baxi, Valliant, Ideal, Viessman, and Worcester Bosch in Chapilizod and the surrounding areas. Get your boiler mended with Gasworks, our team of qualified, certified RGI registered boiler repair engineers are available every minute of every day. All of our repairs and parts include a 12-month guarantee.

Gas Boiler Repair Charges in Chapilizod

(out of hours service may incur additional charges)

Gas Boiler Repair (Call out Inc 1/2 Hour Labour) – From €89

Boiler Service – from €79

Additional Labour (per 15 mins) – From €20

Additional Charges will apply for any required parts.

Boiler Broken Down? Get an Emergency Boiler Repair.

If you are left with no heat or hot water due to an unexpected breakdown, we know how you feel. Don’t panic- Gasworks understand how stressful and troublesome it is to be in that situation and that’s why our expert gas boiler repair engineers are available 24/7. Our emergency boiler engineers hold a range of parts for the most popular boilers in Chapilizod, making a first-time repair highly likely. Our team is always on hand, no matter the weather. If you need a gas boiler fixing fast, contact our emergency repair team on 01-4433005 or alternatively call 086 6013578.

Oil Boiler Service in Chapilizod.

Do you need your oil boiler serviced? Why not do it with Chapilizod’s most reliable heating company? Gasworks will always be prepared for your call. With so many influencing factors, we should always be your first choice when looking for skilled plumbers and heating engineers in the Chapilizod area. Our trusted team of reliable oil boiler service engineers and plumbers are OFTEC registered engineers with an extensive knowledge in oil heating systems.

Why is oil boiler servicing necessary?

Oil boiler servicing is more than necessary. Although it may give the impression of a useless, unnecessary expense, we can assure you that an annual oil boiler service is truly vital for safety, reliability and efficiency reasons. Consistent servicing will not only save you money on your annual fuel bills but will also increase the boilers life span. It is important that regular check-ups take place in order to maintain a happy healthy system, before anything goes wrong. A critically ill-kept oil boiler is more expected to breakdown, resulting in high-priced repairs and charges. Yearly servicing will reduce the possibility of a costly breakdown, while also ensuring a safe operating oil boiler.

Oil Boiler Service Checks

An oil boiler service will generally take no more than an hour to complete, during the check the service engineer will check and perform the following under current regulations.

Visual inspection of Oil Boiler

Visual inspection of Oil Tank

Visual inspection of Flue System

Visual Inspection of Piping and Components

Electrical Safety Checks to Controls

Check Frost Stat Operation

Check Overheat Thermostat Operation

Clean Flue System

Clean Condensate Trap

Replace Fuel Filter

Check Fire Valve Operation

Check Safety Valve Operation

Check Air Intake

Check Oil Shut Off Valve Operation

Check/Clean Photocell

Check/Clean Electrodes

Replace Burner Nozzle

Check/Clean Primary Heat Exchanger

Check/Clean Secondary Heat Exchanger

Check Corrosion Inhibitor Level

Combustion Check

Check Flue Integrity

Digital Flue Gas Analysis.

Looking for a High-Quality Oil Boiler Replacement in Chapilizod?

Oil offers a cost effective central heating solution and is a readily available resource in Chapilizod, even still we understand that many homes and businesses in the surrounding areas may not be accessible to natural gas as a fuel source for home heating. Whether you’re looking to install a completely new oil central heating system or just looking to upgrade your current oil-fired boiler, Gasworks can service a free, no obligation survey and quotation. If you wish to speak to one of our knowledgeable, skilled heating advisers then simply call 014433005 or alternatively complete a short contact form and we will do the rest.

5 Year Oil Boiler Warranty

The Gasworks team are qualified installers for leading manufactures, such as Worcester Bosch. This allows us to offer the best oil boiler warranties in Ireland, giving you the peace of mind that you can rely on Gasworks. All of our engineers are OFTEC trained and certified.

Why Choose Gasworks for Your Oil Boiler Replacement?

Worcester Bosch Accredited

5 Year Warranty as standard

OFTEC Certified Engineers

24 Hour/365 Emergency Team (Including Christmas Day)

Local Ballsbridge Based Plumbers and Installers

SEAI Approved Contractor (Contractor ID 16748).

Need Your Oil Boiler Repaired in Chapilizod?

How can Gasworks help you?

Gasworks are a countrywide gas and oil heating company with local Chapilizod-based Plumbers and Oil Boiler Repair Professionals. Needless to say, our staff is always 100% available and committed, no matter the time of day. We are specialists with the best reviews and reputation for the installation and repair of all gas and oil heating systems in Chapilizod and the surrounding areas.

Do oil boilers need tending to often?

Oil boilers are no different to any other household appliance. Would you treat your oven the way you treat your boiler? It is no surprise that an important system like such will require upkeep and repair every now and then. If your current oil boiler is over 15 years old and requires repair it may be time to think about a replacement. Modern oil boilers are more efficient and reliable but will also save you money on your annual fuel bill, there is absolutely no harm in tending for your boiler. It is worth getting your oil boiler checked as you may be facing the risk of extra costs by owning an old boiler. When it comes to servicing your boiler, nothing is unnecessary.

We can provide you with a free no obligation quotation for replacing your oil boiler, repair or service. Contact Gasworks today for all your plumbing and heating needs.

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